Slow Cooker Italian Beef and Noodles

We have all been thirsting after Jeremy Allen White in The Bear…am I right?! But since we can’t have our own real-life Chef Carmy, I’m bringing you the next best thing…the second tastiest thing from The Bear…the Italian Beef. This tender Italian beef falls right apart and is beyond juicy. Serve it over a hoagie roll or try my spin on it – overtop plain egg noodles and garnishing with more Italian flavors like parsley and grated parmesan cheese. It’s the perfect snack to accompany your latest winter binge.

December 3, 2022
Slow Cooker Italian Beef and Noodles

Slow Cooker Italian Beef and Noodles

Alissa DiSanto
  • Prep Time
    10 min
  • Cook Time
    6 hrs 10 min
  • Total Time
    6 hrs 20 min
  • Servings
  • Difficulty


  • 3lbs beef chuck roast
  • 3 packages dry Italian salad dressing mix or 1 bottle store-bought Italian dressing
  • 1 cup beef stock
  • 16oz jar pepperoncini peppers or banana pepper rings
  • 1lb egg noodles cooked
  • Bunch of parsley
  • Freshly grated parmesan cheese


  1. Place roast into slow cooker and add your Italian salad dressing mix. Add beef stock and cover. Cook on high for 6 hours or until tender enough the meat shreds with two forks. Cook for one additional hour once the meat is shredded.
  2. Add the peppers and serve in a bowl on top of egg noodles and garnish with parsley and parmesan cheese.


  • If your meat is not falling apart after 6 hours, simply cook for an additional hour or until the meat easily shreds with a fork. *Can serve on a bun and add mozzarella or provolone cheese to create an Italian beef sandwich.
  • Can double the recipe and have two meals in one week. Once as sandwiches and the other time over noodles.

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